Atlanta Bound For Our 2019 National Conference

Teal Marking Inc is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow. 
We were thrilled to attend our client's 2019 National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia! Our team came ready to learn and develop skills that will take us to the next level! All gas, no brakes! Check out the highlights from our trip in this video, or stop by our YouTube page!

Defining Your Purpose

By Porter Gale Over the years, I’ve worked with many companies and found the ones with lucid and succinctly described visions are more likely to succeed than those with unclear or highly complex visions. Yet as individuals, we often don’t take the time to clearly articulate our own passions or purpose. To help you define yours, I’ve created a simple test that I call The Funnel Test. Check it out HERE!

Strengthening Your Team

BY INC.COM Research from Harvard University’s Alison Wood Brooks says that failing to share how we’ve failed (and talking up our accomplishments too much) triggers “malicious envy” in peers. Such envy creates dysfunctional behavior as peers, or even direct reports, seek to tear down and undermine the successful leader, even while considering unethical means to do so as justified. It also leads employees to behave less cooperatively and disrupts a sense of teamwork. Brooks’s research makes this clear. In one study, participants read a paragraph about the successes of a leader and reported feeling a high amount of malicious envy toward that leader. Another group read the same paragraph, but this time the paragraph included a few extra lines at the end describing the leader’s setbacks and failures, as well. That group reported feeling no envy. Interestingly, the research also showed that measured admiration for leaders doesn’t decline when they learn of a leader’s failures. In fact, whe…